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To serve the people of Lambton County by growing fresh, local, chemical-free food that encourages healthy eating habits and promotes a strong sense of community.  

Taproots Green Gardens offers the people of Lambton County an alternative to the supermarket experience. We envision a locally based food system that is not reliant on produce shipped across continents only to arrive on your plate stripped of its flavour and nutrients. As a society, we have lost our connection to the food we eat. We don't know the soil it's grown in, the conditions it's grown under, or the people who've sown the seeds. We aim to change all of that.



Our pledge is to provide our customers with locally grown produce free of chemicals, sprays, pesticides, and synthetic fertilizers. We follow a naturalist approach to gardening, meeting challenges with alternative measures that will not harm the people, the produce, or the planet. Food and farming are our passions and we want to share that with you. We believe that a strong local food movement creates a strong community. We are not alone in this mission. The buy local movement has been growing in recent years and we are happy to be a part of that. While the problems facing our broken food system can seem insurmountable, the solutions can be deceivingly simple: Be conscious, live simply, buy local, reduce harm, and be kind to the earth.

Furthermore, we understand that not all people have equal access to healthy food. Both social and economic barriers exist that can prevent people from making proper diet choices. We believe healthy food is a human right in the same way that clean air, fresh water, and universal healthcare are human rights. All four are inextricably linked and vital to maintaining proper health. Social class and economics should not determine whether a person can access proper nutrition. Taproots seeks to form partnerships with other community leaders to provide healthy food to anyone who might have trouble accessing it. Whether offering produce at reduce cost, through government collaboration, or by other food service programs, we are open to any arrangement that brings good food to people’s plates.  


We are a small farm, with a big vision. We want to get you excited about food again. We want to be part of a sustainable future. We want to be part of the solution.

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